The ‘Holiday Emotions’ way to Grow.Thrive.Succeed.

We are in the same business as you are! We used to face the same problems as you do! We promised ourselves to change how SMB’s support their business and serve their customers. We are going to make expensive technology and services affordable and available to all businesses that operate in the Tourism Industry. And we will help you and your business learn, implement, adopt & excellence in your field!

Who We Are

We are a passionate group of friends and professionals that our love for the Tourism Industry brought us around the same table discussing how we could develop tools and services to support the Tourism SMB’s. We have spent the last two years connecting with Tourism professionals all around Greece to understand the core needs of the industry. We have met passionate people that are struggling to offer the best to their visitors and customers. Not only those people inspired us, but theυ also confirmed our plans and showed us that we are working on the right path.

For the last two years, we have worked hard to create the infrastructure that would secure the development of fully functional tools and would help our customers scale up their business in a quick and affordable way. We have also analysed the international travel markets to deeply understand what it really takes for a Tourism SMB to spread its wings and compete in a taught and fully competitive environment.

Our tools would be inadequate to offer a competitive solution if we could not accompany them with professional services that would create added value to our customers.

And here we are! Our portfolio is loaded with the designated tools and services and our people are armed with knowledge and passion to support you! It’s your move now!

You are just a few steps away before you can learn what Holiday Emotions can do for you!

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