Meet the Team

Our team is here to help our customers and partners succeed their dreams. We don’t want to say much. We want our job to speak for ourselves. If you also prefer doing rather than saying, maybe there is board with your name for you too. The challenge is on!

ArisDeveloperAlways willing to dive deep and learn to swim on new things. He speaks by coding!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
PanagiotisDeveloperWho said that tall guys are not good developers? Panos rulez the keyboard!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
OdisseasCustomer SupportThat young voice on the phone ready to guide you and support you with a smile!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
KonstantinaCustomer SupportHey – Stop calling every morning just to hear Konstantina saying you ‘kalimera’!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
StavrosCustomer SupportIf you imagine of a problem, well no worries! Stavros is the solution!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
AlexisDigital Media ExpertHe is inventing daily new verbs like.. Googling, Instagraming, Youtubing!! Digitalious!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
AliceDigital Media ExpertCPC, PPC, SEO, CTR, QS, CPA, OMG and LOL! The Acronyms Master!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
StefanosLead Project Manager‘This can’t be done’ is a phrase we haven’t heard the last three years! Code Magician!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
ThodorisOperations ManagerSomeone must keep the rest of us down to earth! We are a company after all! Respect!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
KonstantinosProduct & DevelopmentHe did not make it to be a famous chef and now we all pay for that!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin
ChristosCEO & DevelopmentIf Christos was a car he would be a Toyota! You can always count on him!FacebookTwitterLinkedinLinkedinLinkedin